Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gossip Girl

I always believed that its the pastime of jobless people with nothing else to do. Sadly realized thats its absolutely essential to stay tuned in to campus gossip, else you can end up shoving both your feet into your mouth...
  • You tease somebody about his girl..Ooops, they broke up..
  • You call someone names..Shucks, they're going around now..
  • Someone calls you saying they're standing for elections, you listen to the strategies, bored, but making the required nods and murmurs..Heck, they played a prank knowing too well you'd have no clue who the hell is contesting..
  • Someone calls you telling they're contesting. You respond with a Yeah Right, so am I. The person wins eventually..
Its been three weeks since this eventful weekend and I can finally recall it without tingling with mortification..Whew