Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dear Mr Yadav

Dear Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav

With all due disrespects, I would have wanted to draw your attention to your infamous sexist remarks in association with the Women's Reservation Bill, but I am sure the media has done that enough. What I would like to ask you, though, with all the politeness that I can muster, is, What the F*** were you trying to say? We are all aware that you are prone to severe bouts of verbal diarrhoea but we had never known it had gone to a terminal stage, you have our sympathies, sire.What can I say about the kind of women who will enter Parliament. The wives and daughters of officers and businessmen, who invite whistles from boys.”, you had proclaimed, after careful thought and deliberation, as you continued to claim. I am sure you have been asked this question a zillion times but, seriously sir, what, in the name of heaven and earth and everything that lies in between, were you trying to imply? Would you care to shed some light on precisely how do you define the kind of women that invite whistles and catcalls from guys? Were you, by any chance, referring to the fact that the likes of you wont be able to stand educated women, the ones who wont blindly follow your instructions? You went ahead to establish a link between increasing the number of seats for women in Parliament and eve-teasing. Is that a confession, Mr Yadav? Are you trying to tell us all that more women in Parliament would actually become an excuse for the male members to salivate and lech? Dear God, I hope not. Your party members, in an effort to come to their dear M(C)P's aid, went a step further saying that what you really meant was that having more women in the governance would render men unemployed and out of sheer frustration they would resort to eve-teasing. (Your verbal diarrhoea seems to be highly contagious, whats worse, it seems to follow some rule of biological magnification upon being passed on). I am confident, sir, that the majority of males in this nation would have been thoroughly embarrassed by this corollary to your original theorem. I am an officer's daughter, Mr Yadav, and I would like to know how exactly my being so would invite catcalls and whistles. By the way, last I checked, you had a daughter-in-law whom you fielded in the bye-elections for the Ferozabad seat. What did she have to say about your little insight?


  1. nice and thought provoking. Given mulayam's age and background nothing better can come now.

    btw...why such a dark theme for the blog?

  2. :)was expecting such a post from you. It is indeed high time that Indian politics is cleansed of such stone age minded people.

  3. Nicely written, relating eve-teasing with reservation, LOL
    But an issue here is,"Were you, by any chance, referring to the fact that the likes of you wont be able to stand educated women, the ones who wont blindly follow your instructions?"

    Do you even think that educated women will be standing from any reserved seats. The main opposition which came from women side regarding this bill was from Highly qualified and Educated women. Which actually speaks volumes that educated women do not require reservation.

    Now as you may know that only BSP opposed the Bill which is actually headed by a Women 'The great Mayawati'. They postulated " BSP demands 50% reservation for women, and are concerned that Illiterate women get a fair chance to compete in elections." Now someone explain me who wants to vote for an uneducated women who is good for nothing.

    Eve-teasing and Parliament is like cherry on top of the cake and the best part is such arguments are given in Parliament and aired live on National TV.

  4. valid outburst from you... quite expected also... and again the women who will be standing elections would be wives or daughters of the current MP's and even if they win they wont be running affairs... as far as educated women are concerned they dont need reservation... you ppl raise your voice against reservation for OBC's and other such reservations that they hamper development... so why do you support any other reservation... just because something was spoken by some a** of a politician you are talking against it and forgetting the whole point of why reservation... and regarding verbal diarrhoea everybody knows how mulayam singh speaks... many similar comments have come up from mayawati as well i didnt see a post from you then

  5. His wife is into politics, I believe for the same reasons :)

  6. I have written earlier opposing the Women's Bill: . Handing crutches makes sure you will never stand on your feet. My earlier blog had pointed out that reservation wont help, its only the change in general societal outlooks and attitudes that will bring about empowerment. This blog, here, attempts to showcase a sample of that very attitude. It is, by no means, an advocacy of reservation.
    @ Arbit: Comeon, black is in ;)
    @ Arvind: I'm glad someone agrees. These medieval jokers need an ouster
    @ Rakesh: The surprising thing is despite their antics being ridiculed in public, there seems to be no shame or refrain of any kind as far as such people are concerned.
    @ Arjun: I thrash dumbness everywhere, refer Buzz and Twitter as far as Mayawati and Sushma Swaraj and their gone-wrong-ablutions are concerned. I remember this prof in out dept telling me, once, that, in the end, it becomes a blade vs chalice fight. Instead of condemning Mulayam Singh, you primary concern is why Mayawati is not being subjected to the same condemnation (For the record, I consider Mayawati a total whackjob and I would suggest she should have her own accumulated banknotes stuffed down her throat and be made to stand in place of one of her statues). Kind of a display of the attitudes :)

  7. It is hard not to belch invectives at him and I hope he draws even greater flak for making such remarks. But if we need to shut up all such men, there's only one way - women gotta be out there and do their thing.
    It's years of social conditioning and "men can get away by saying anything" speaking through him. It'll take time before incidents like these become history.

    Btw, he did embarrass the brawn sex, infact I haven't met ne guy as of yet who hasn't been.

  8. A hot article! I vote that there should be 50% reservation for women in IITs (rather than OBC reservation). What do you think?