Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bones 522: The Way Forward

For the uninitiated, Bones is this who-dunnit type crime series on Fox featuring a forensic anthropologist, an FBI agent and a whole team of other forensic experts who work to solve murders. The series had a way of very subtly depicting human relationships. How the synergies of people working  together towards a common goal eventually cement themselves in the form of great friendships and long lasting attachments. Finally happened to see the fifth season finale today, a month after it aired. Apparently the series seems to be wrapping up. The finale shows all characters leaving the organization and setting out to embrace what they had wanted to do all along, before they had found comfort and a sense of belonging with each other, and with the organization. Somehow, made me think of the insti, the life there, the friends. Surprisingly, I have never cried missing home, but this episode made me miss IIT so much that it hurt, enough to bring tears, enough to call friends up and tell them how much I missed them, enough to bring me out of my hiatus and make me write a blog at 1 in the night. Life in the insti, with all its pains, was good. More so, it was safe, the "catch me whenever I fall" kind. Its been a month since I left the insti and all this is starting to truly sink in now. I'm in a city I absolutely love, doing a job I always wanted to do, but something doesnt feel right. And no, its not the  awful Bombay traffic jams and deluges nor the insanely long working hours of the banking sector.  Everything about the insti, from the magnificent main gate (yes, you will know its really magnificent once you compare it to the IITB one :P), the 3 km drive to GC, the steps in front of DOMS, Guru's sticky Maggi, the insti T-shirts  to the dept rooftops, CTIDES and friends, seem to have catalyzed certain mutations in my genetic code and become part of my DNA, become part of who I am.Leaving the insti has been probably  like leaving a part of myself behind. I remember, how five years back, I had shed buckets of tears over not having been allotted IIT Bombay but these last five years at IIT Madras have given me so much, friends, opportunities and dreams, taught me so much, to understand friendship, to love, to fight and to live. When I tell people today to trust in the wisdom of the Universe, it is because the Universe taught me it knew better. Thank You IITM.


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